Life Hacks: Overhyped or Super Cool?

Why not both?

Years ago, back when I was neck-deep in the Tech world (working for startups in their IT departments, often supporting hundreds if not thousands of teammates, the site Life Hacker was BIG.

I loved it.

So much so that I started a site (years later) all about hacks I’d discovered over the years. I still use many of them (the shoe-tying method is KILLER). You can find that site here.

But what you won’t find is the post about shoe-tying. It doesn’t exist on the site. It DOES exist in the now-defunct newsletter. I’m thinking about bringing those old newsletters to The Muse Letter (in concept phase).

Would this interest you?


President Biden and Trump in a…band?

Trust me, it’s worth watching. It says “Unavailable.” But hit the link and go to Facebook. It’s great. It really is.





I sent my wife* to Kroger today and this is what happened:

Totally worth watching this. Turn on the sound. It matters.

Posted by Bill Davis on Sunday, March 22, 2020

She didn’t even share! Well, she didn’t share the cookie.

*Of course, this is not MY wife…


You CAN Refrigerate Bananas

I bought two bunches of organic bananas at Costco today. I knew two was one too many. But I don’t know when we’ll be able to get back there.

I tell my wife, “Put them in the refrigerator.”

She says, “You can’t do that.”

I say, “Let’s google it.”

Here you go. Turns out, you can. It’s all about the science (slows ripening).

The cold temperatures in your refrigerator slow down the ripening process for bananas. If the bananas are green and unripe, they will not ripen any further and probably won’t ripen even if you return them to room temperature. The banana skin will also darken, but that won’t affect the inside if you leave the bananas refrigerated for just two or three days.



Random Thoughts: March 20, 2020

I went to Costco today. Had to. Running out of stuff and determined we didn’t buy enough last time.

It feels weird, suspecting that everybody has COVID-19. Looking at everyone suspiciously. Keeping my distance. Hurrying through all the aisles I need to be in.

“Where the HELL did they move the damned rice?”


It was a quick trip. Wiped down the cart before I went in, wiped my hands and face with another fresh wipe back at the car.

Everybody was nice. I wonder when that will change?

Driving home, I wiped down the steering wheel, gear shift knob, and parking brake. Good thing I learned how to drive with my knees years ago!

Call home, get the kids to be ready when I arrive home.

Of course, they’re not ready. They’re in the backyard. Get all the stuff put away.

“Now, wash your hands good!”

They go back to playing. I go back to work. This is what normal will be like in a few weeks.