“Social distancing” is, as to be expected, trending on Google. Depending on whom you listen to, you should stay at least three, six, or ten feet from other humans.

Apparently, the droplets that carry the coronavirus inside a sneeze or a cough travel up to ten feet. Hence, the distance you should stay away from people during this pandemic.

The family and I are doing a very good job with social distancing (also called physical distancing). We simply stay home and stay away from others.

But you know what? I feel a closeness to my family that I haven’t before. We’re cooking together, studying together, and working together.

Yes, we HAVE to. But it doesn’t feel forced. It feels like this is how family really should be.

So in a weird sense, this virus is bringing us closer together, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Despair Hope

What Lies Ahead?

My nature always makes me think ahead. What happens after…?

It doesn’t matter the situation, issue, or event. My mind always goes past the “what now” to the “what’s next.”

It’s just me. I think it points to my eternal optimism–that we WILL get past this. Life goes on and I plan to be a part of that.

But the question, “What’s next?” always leaves me with a gnawing sense of doom. Despair. Pessimism.

“What’s next?” leads to “What thing will come along that’s equally bad or even worse?”

And that’s where I am today. What’s worse than millions infected with a highly contagious and deadly virus (in our current situation–COVID-19)? An economy–indeed, a society–that is in literal shutdown? People in fear of human contact. Will we ever go outside again?

Will life ever be the same? And if it is, will it lead to yet another calamity like this one?

It’s almost like I’m so optimistic that we’ll make it through this (as a species) that we’ll have to endure yet another horrible yet finite situation, where death and destruction and financial ruin becomes a normal way of life.

Or perhaps, that’s always been the case?

Despair Hope

A New Hope?

Or just another reason to despair existence?

All my early life, I was afraid of MAD–Mutually Assured Destruction. Even before watching “War Games,” I feared we’d all be annihilated by nuclear missiles from the USSR.

At the same time, the Middle East was literally blowing up everyday, as was the United Kingdom. Seems that people just can’t get along.

Then, when Communism choked and the USSR, behind Gorbachev, “tore down that wall,” I felt a sense of calm.

Maybe peace on earth was real?

I found my best friend and married her. We wanted children. It seemed like we wouldn’t have to fear for their futures as much as we might have had to in the past.

Sure, they’re still going to get hurt. And get sick. And suffer setbacks. But in the late ’90s and very early 2000s, it seemed “safe.”

Or, at least, safer.

Then 9/11 happened. Then the Iraq War. Terrorism all throughout the Middle East. “Boots on the ground” and missiles in the air…for a seeming eternity. Still going, too. Through three different Presidents.

Then there was the “mortgage meltdown.” Financial lives turned upside down, overnight. Not a lot of people were spared.

Economic booms followed my massive busts. Over and over, the whipsaw doesn’t end.

Continued war. Never-ending wars. Longest wars in US history. But then again, when haven’t we been at war?

Now. This goddamned pandemic, worsened by an idiot running (more like ruining) the country.

The global economy has ground to a halt. Thousands are dead. More will die. Number of infections here in the US alone are doubling every few days. Deaths are mounting. New York City, New Orleans, and Florida are hotbeds for the virus.

As my grandfather would say of stupid people: Trump couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.

Not saying COVID-19 is Trump’s fault. But the inadequate, slow, and seemingly never-occurring response has been AWFUL.

Trump is an idiot. Yet his cult-followers will cheer him on until our collective demise. Just look at them: It’s still a hoax, it’s no worse than the flu, and it will pass in two weeks.

As if a fucking virus has a goddamned watch.

Forget literally shooting somebody on Fifth Avenue. Trump’s stupid zombie cult will follow him to their own graves.

He could kill a transvestite hooker in his bulletproof limo, come out with knife in hand, covered in splattered blood, and his goons would say “It deserved it.”

But this isn’t about Trump. Fuck him.

This is about the yin-yang between hope and despair. Right now, it’s all despair.

If we make it out of this (and many millions won’t), maybe there’s reason for hope? I mean, we always make it to the other side…but is it to face Heaven on Earth or Eternal Damnation?

That’s a question to ponder. And try to answer another day.


Mugs & Bottles

What if we treated our coffee mugs and glassware like we do bottles?

BETTER: What if we treated our bottles like our glassware?

Meaning, we keep them? Are they re-usable in any fashion? Wash them in the dishwasher and re-use.

Who’s with me?




Stupid Distancing

I admit, I’d never heard of “social distancing” before this coronavirus pandemic.

You could say, I’m a little naive. Or stupid.

Speaking of stupid…

Posted on my Facebook wall just a few minutes ago (by me):

This social distancing thing is not hard for me at all.

I’ve been doing it for quite a few decades now.

Also note, I am a skilled practitioner of “stupid distancing,” too.

If you’re stupid, I get away from you immediately.

I practice safe stupid distancing. Do you?

I also heard that this “social distancing” term is being usurped by the term, “physical distancing” which makes a LOT more sense.

Social distancing kind of implies that you don’t interact with people in any fashion, when the real message is to avoid being in close physical proximity to them.

You see, the drops from a cough or a sneeze can travel up to ten feet. (Why in the world we’re telling people six feet is the rule is beyond me. I’ve even seen some guidelines that say three feet…ugh, the stupid, it never escapes Earth’s gravitational pull.)

But talking on the phone is fine. As is on social media. You can do Zoom streams with your friends and family. Or you can use walkie talkies to talk to your friend across the street (after ample sanitizing, of course).

My art of “stupid distancing,” however, DOES APPLY socially. If you’re stupid and say something like, “This virus is a hoax,” or “It will blow over by Easter,” or “It’s not as bad as the flu,” I will stupid distance myself from you.

And you’re probably fine with that. I know I am.



I hit a wall yesterday. I felt like the world was coming to an end. Wanted to sell everything, stay inside, and hoard all the cash I had left (which wouldn’t be much after the stock market killed all our savings).

But today, I read this. And this.

I think we have a few more weeks of this before isolated infected circles pass through this cycle. Will there be re-infection? I fear this.

I feel like we’re confronting two very serious battles. One is literally life-threatening. The other is threatening our way of life.

Both have dire consequences.

You can die. Your loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, associates–they could die or suffer tremendous harm to their health.

Some stories are reporting that even if you recover from COVID-19, your lungs may be permanently impacted. You may lose your sense of smell and taste.

Of course, death is the worst part.

And then you consider the financial ruin. Economists are talking about 30 percent unemployment. Q2 GDP negative 50 percent.

That is catastrophic.

The cynic in me says it may be better to die.

But I’m a fighter. I’ve fought plenty of battles. I’ve restarted and rebuilt a few times now.

As Rocky says, (I’m paraphrasing) “The measure of a man is not how many times he gets knocked down, it’s the number of times he gets back up.”

I like that.

While I don’t like getting knocked down, I sure do like standing back up.

I am pretty sure we’ll suffer in some way or another. Certainly not as much as the people who died.

But I’m confident the family and I will rebuild after all is said and done.



I sent my wife* to Kroger today and this is what happened:

Totally worth watching this. Turn on the sound. It matters.

Posted by Bill Davis on Sunday, March 22, 2020

She didn’t even share! Well, she didn’t share the cookie.

*Of course, this is not MY wife…


You CAN Refrigerate Bananas

I bought two bunches of organic bananas at Costco today. I knew two was one too many. But I don’t know when we’ll be able to get back there.

I tell my wife, “Put them in the refrigerator.”

She says, “You can’t do that.”

I say, “Let’s google it.”

Here you go. Turns out, you can. It’s all about the science (slows ripening).

The cold temperatures in your refrigerator slow down the ripening process for bananas. If the bananas are green and unripe, they will not ripen any further and probably won’t ripen even if you return them to room temperature. The banana skin will also darken, but that won’t affect the inside if you leave the bananas refrigerated for just two or three days.