Random Thoughts: March 20, 2020

I went to Costco today. Had to. Running out of stuff and determined we didn’t buy enough last time.

It feels weird, suspecting that everybody has COVID-19. Looking at everyone suspiciously. Keeping my distance. Hurrying through all the aisles I need to be in.

“Where the HELL did they move the damned rice?”


It was a quick trip. Wiped down the cart before I went in, wiped my hands and face with another fresh wipe back at the car.

Everybody was nice. I wonder when that will change?

Driving home, I wiped down the steering wheel, gear shift knob, and parking brake. Good thing I learned how to drive with my knees years ago!

Call home, get the kids to be ready when I arrive home.

Of course, they’re not ready. They’re in the backyard. Get all the stuff put away.

“Now, wash your hands good!”

They go back to playing. I go back to work. This is what normal will be like in a few weeks.

  • I find it odd and stupid that the major department stores would take this opportunity to change the store layout. Now you don’t know if the item has moved or is out of stock so after you’re fed up of wandering you have to ask someone where something is. I thought we were trying limit contact. Smh

    • I know, right? Crazy. It’s like they want us to get sick.

      I have always blasted in and out of stores. I used to pride myself on getting a Christmas shopping list together and going out in a fury and getting it all done in a couple hours. Now, I do it online and don’t have to beat by anybody (not that I physically assaulted anybody ever).