Can’t Win? Don’t Try.

A comment I made on a friend’s Facebook post:

I have 4 kids and a wife…in my 20s, I’d like to think at least, I’d be fighting. But now, I’m afraid to put up a lawn sign.

I own some firearms. I’m now afraid I’ll HAVE to use them. That’s the last thing I want to do.

But the crazies are real. They have no filter. No impulse control. A lot of them – their actions are pre-meditated.

I’m with Paul – I hope this looks alarmist in the rearview. But I think it will look woefully inadequate down the road.

We didn’t do what it took to stop it.

I feel like we’re frogs in the warm pot of water and the heat just keeps rising. We can feel it. But we’re trapped in that damned pot.

Hell, we got passports last year (big expense for six) just for this. NOW, because of the shitty pandemic response by this stupid country’s “leadership,” we can’t even leave the fucking place.

Well, I guess we could–and then be cast as “illegals.” LOL

Homer Simpson may have said it best: Can’t win? Don’t try.

Sadly, that about sums it up for me right now.